Friday, 8 July 2011

Thursday 7th July

Hello everyone, Meghan again, today has been so inspiring to meet some of the lovely local designers soon to be featured at Welcome Home, they are just so passionate about their creations - it’s really great to hear that they consider them as precious as we do! Their creativity and innovation is what drives Welcome Home! As always, the:

Product of the day: Drop Scones Not Bombs - Eco Shopper

Wish I had this great bag today with so much to carry about! This canvas shopping bag is perfect for the eco warrior inside. With a recipe for drop scones on the label and a message for the masses about peace and harmony, I love it! Designer Stuart Gardiner also makes matching tea towels, and fantastically humorous homeware available in store and online.

Now, I’m off to treat myself with some homemade scones!


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