Wednesday, 6 July 2011

6th July

Meghan here again, it may be cold and rainy outside but it’s warm and cosy here at Welcome Home! Today has all been about jewellery, giving the gorgeous jewellery cabinets a bit of TLC - we have some great treasures inside from Fairtrade Kenyan Jewellery to unique jewellery made by local artists and designers. Later this week, we are hoping to present an exciting new range of jewellery, so I recommend you pop in to see some delights! But for today I can’t stop admiring the:

Product of the Day: Bird Hand Shadow Ring

Designed by Inca Starzinsky, this acrylic laser cut ring in the shape of a hand shadow bird is adorably unique. With many other designs available such as: Dinosaurs, Rabbit and Deer, I can’t help but be charmed! Each ring comes packaged in bespoke envelopes with an illustrated information sheet showing each of the hand positions used to make the shadows. Available at Welcome Home online and at our store, hope you like them too!

Just wanted to say thanks to all the lovely people who came down for a great workshop at UPMARKET. This Saturday 16th at UPMARKET there will be another great workshop! More details soon!


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