Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Welcome Home's countdown to Christmas - day 22

Prints Charming is still on in the gallery until Christmas eve, and you can buy the prints online until 10th January. This print by Jen Collins is only £6 and the perfect present for a crafty friend!

Welcome Home's countdown to Christmas - day 21

I love SaintHughsBones' bags! They are so beautifully crafted in thick, lovely woven leather. This black and orange one is a favourite, but you can see all the others at Welcome Home...

Pop-up Portobello!

Now open upstairs at Welcome Home and on until 4pm on Christmas eve - a vintage market stall all the way from London's famous Portobello market has arrived here selling beautiful and unusual womenswear, accessories, jewellery and shoes...

Monday, 21 December 2009

Welcome Home's countdown to Christmas - day 20

Not long now folks! If you've still got to get a few presents pop in to Welcome Home, open until 4 on Christmas eve, you've still got time to buy online too! Looking to make a lady happy? Give her this for Christmas...Link

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Welcome Home's countdown to Christmas - day 19

Do you remember snap purses? A childhood favourite of mine from museum shops - snap purses and those little clear plastic boxes of tiny gems and stones, I loved them. Anyway Nat Thakur has updated the snap purse, mixed it up with a change bag and come up with this beauty!Link

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Welcome Home's countdown to Christmas - day 16

one for sorrow, two for joy, three for a girl, four for a boy, five for silver, six for gold... Magpie screen print by Erin McGrath, £20...

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Monday, 14 December 2009

Welcome Home's countdown to Christmas - day 14

Lisa Stickley's Mrs Marshall weekend bags are the perfect choice for getting away from it all. A lovely print on the outside, but you really need to see the linings on her bags too! Available here...

all over prints

untitled, £15 by Harriet Gray
screen print, £20 by Erin McGrath
Teeth, £20 by Emily Chappell
Bicycle! Bicycle! £15 by Alice Nicol
Poppy £20 by Natalie Tweedie

Friday, 11 December 2009

Prints Charming pop-up online shop

For one month only, Welcome Home has opened a pop-up shop for the Prints Charming exhibition for those that can't make it in person, with all prints £20 and under this is not to be missed!

Welcome Home's countdown to Christmas - day 11

It's Marlon Brando people!

Welcome Home's countdown to Christmas - day 10

A day late, but I'm catching up! Another print from Prints Charming (this is going to continue)... These wonderful bearded ladies are by Kate Hazell and can be yours for only £15 here!

Welcome Home's countdown to Christmas - day 9

Very late with this I know, but there is a good reason for it! Prints Charming opened on Wednesday evening - amazing prints by talented peoples at bargain prices, it's great! However I have been very busy and frazzled - this print by Anthony Zinonos is pretty much exactly how I've been feeling all week! I love it though, soon to be available here (the prints charming online shop will be up later today!!)

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Welcome Home's countdown to Christmas - day 8

A sneak peek of one of the many beauties that have arrived for Prints Charming! This print is by Jen Collins and is a favourite at Welcome Home for obvious reasons! Prints Charming opens tomorrow night and will run from 10th - 24th December, it would be great if you all can make it along in person but fear ye not there will be a special pop-up online shop with prints available for £20 and under for all those not local - details coming soon...

Monday, 7 December 2009

Welcome Home's countdown to Christmas - day 7

I love this tree ring print T-shirt from Violent Elegance in Berlin. One for the boys but looks pretty good on ladies too! Only a couple of these left now, get one while you can!

she'd be happier with something from Welcome Home!

I just wanted to share the last dates for delivery from Welcome Home and the soon to be launched online shop for Prints Charming. I know what it's like as I am not the most organised person, last minute pretty much sums me up but if you're ordering for Christmas presents here are the all important last delivery dates: Tuesday 22nd December for UK delivery... Friday 11th December everywhere else... Not long really so get shopping!

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Welcome Home's countdown to Christmas - day 6

Gorgeous Helen!

Welcome Home's countdown to Christmas - day 5

A day late with this one as yesterday was too busy for advent calendars! Here you go though - a tiffin is a handy lunchbox system that hails from India and To-Go Ware have developed a great range to make you good to go. This is their 2-Tier Classic Tiffin & Carrier Bag Combo which is of course available here.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Welcome Home's countdown to Christmas - day 4

Amazing building block fun from millergoodman's ShapeMaker. Such a great design, endless fun and beautiful patterns to create. They've just arrived at Welcome Home and I love them! Available here for £27.50.


So pleased that these have arrived at Welcome Home, available for £27.50 here...

abigail*ryan launch

I'm really pleased to welcome the lovely design duo Abigail Percy and Ryan Bell to Welcome Home next Saturday 12th December from 3pm to 7pm to host their exclusive launch of their new design company abigail*ryan. This is a one day only Christmas shopping event and if you've seen any of their new homewares you'll know it's not to be missed! Beautiful products, beautiful people and some tasty treats...

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Prints Charming

The prints are coming in thick and fast for this and they're looking great... Really nice pieces and such great Christmas presents at only £20 or under. The private view is on 9th December at 6.30pm and the show runs from 10th-24th December. For those that can't make it in person there will be a special pop-up prints charming online shop - more details coming soon.

deck the halls...

Come and join the festive making fun at Welcome Home this Sunday, 3pm - 4.30pm, £5 with all materials provided to make your own decorations to take home. There will be wooden hanging decorations to paint and lots of garland making... please call or email to book your place and hurry because it's first come, first served!

Welcome Home's countdown to Christmas - day 2

Multicoloured diamond notebook, £3.75, available here...

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Welcome Home's countdown to Christmas - day 1

I haven't had time to make the amazing advent calendar that I had planned - honestly, it was going to be so good! Ah, I guess there is always next year... Anyway, I will be sharing an image each day in this virtual one instead. Today I have for you a beautiful corsage brooch by A Alicia available here.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

prints charming

Welcome Home is after your prints for next month's show - Prints Charming will be on for just over 2 weeks, 10th-24th December with a private view on the 9th. The prints can be any kind and size although no bigger than A2, they just need to sell for £20 or under, you can put in up to 10 pieces. The idea is that people can buy affordable art work as a Christmas gift. Some prints will be on the walls and some will be on sideboards and shelves so please send any work in protective clear plastic sleeves preferably with a piece of card behind. I will send any unsold pieces back to you at the beginning of January with payment for any sold work (60% of the retail price). If you would like to submit any work to this exhibition please email Mhari with images, details and your info by Tuesday 1st December - hello@welcomehomestore.co.uk

Friday, 20 November 2009

b+y design - on balance

Last night there was a little opening for Welcome Home's November resident designers Eleanor Young and Hamish Bigg of b+y design. It has been interesting having the studio space used as a workshop the past few weeks and it was nice to see the results of their labour...