Friday, 22 July 2011

22nd July

Hello! Who said that Friday is unproductive? Definitely not the case for Welcome Home! Me and Mhari did a fabulous job of decorating the shop window with gorgeous scarves, cushions, bags and necklaces for FABRICATED. I’ve already noticed lots of people glancing at these wonderful handcrafted items while passing through the shop. We also shipped quite a few online orders, well done guys!

Now let’s move to the most important part: The pick of the day is an eye-catching Mountain Badge. This lovely hand painted wooden badge made by Edinburgh artist Louise Smurthwaite will certainly jazz up your outfit. You might think it’s quite big, but this triangle-shaped badge in blue and white will definitely make you stand out in the crowd!


Renata xx

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Anonymous said...

Such a lovely little badge! Stumbled across your blog and absolutely delighted to hear that your store is in Glasgow. I will be sure to pop in this week!