Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Introducing Meghan!

We have a new intern here at Welcome Home, Meghan will be joining us for the next couple of weeks and sharing her experience with you all here. I'll hand over to her now...

Hello everyone, I am very excited to tell you that I’m the new intern at Welcome Home, situated at CCA. We are already getting stuck in with a brand new window display of treats, so if you fancy popping in for a chat and looksie, do!

There are so many delightful things here at Welcome Home so I thought I’d highlight a few special pieces over the course of this week.

Product of the Day: Garudio Studiage Flat Pets

Have all the perks of owning a pet without the messy downsides! I adore this little screen printed puppy - who wouldn’t want to wake up to his wee cute face? So far, I can confirm he is very well behaved and obedient, he has really mastered the command: Stay! This eco-friendly pup has been printed and die cut on an A4 sheet of recycled grey board and is available at Welcome Home online or in the CCA at just £10.00.

Later this week we are hoping to introduce a brand new workshop and I’m really looking forward to UPMARKET this Sat and Sun at the CCA Terrace Bar with Aye Aye Books, so stay tuned!


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