Friday, 10 June 2011

demo and workshop

Sunday 19th June is the last day of the 234D exhibition at Welcome Home and to mark the occasion we've got a special workshop and demonstration taking place from 12-4pm. Join us to try out some amazing new software developed for 3D design by Anarkik3D with Ann Marie Shillito:

You just have to try Cloud9 3D sketch/modelling ‘haptic’ software as it can’t be described adequately. If you don't know what ‘haptics’ is, it's the astonishing ability to "touch" virtual objects.

Can you imagine the ease with which you could manipulate complex designs with a real sense of 3D touch instead of awkward menus and control interfaces? Haptics makes for a better interface for designing digitally in 3D.

If you are a designer, a maker, an applied artists and freaked by 3D CAD (even Rhino and sketch-up) this is for you. Anarkik3D designed and built Cloud9 for designer makers. It is tested by designer makers and the company’s CEO, Ann Marie Shillito, is an internationally known and respected designer maker and jeweller. She will be here to give hands-on demos and she promises it will be great fun, for all ages!

You can see videos here and here

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