Thursday, 28 January 2010

Strawberry Fields

Welcome Home is proud to present “Strawberry Fields” its first exhibition of 2010.Strawberry Fields is being organised by Edinburgh based illustrator and recent graduate Genevieve Ryan, assisted by curators Mhari McMullan (of Welcome Home) and Janie Nicoll, with overall design of the publication by Ryan R Thompson. The artists involved are Seiko Kato, Chihiro Kyozuka, Sara Thielker, Richard Sanderson, Jonathan Hall, Lizzy Stewart, Ben Phillips, Katie Thomas, Matthew Swan, Sarah Tanat-Jones, Verity Keniger, Lindsay Mcbirnie, Robbie Porter, Neil Perry, Andrew Denholm, Jenni Saarenkyla, Callum Kellie, Louise McLennan, Tamsyn Mystkowski, Janie Nicoll, Ryan R Thompson, Martin Baillie, Lesley Barnes, Rosie Wood, Ursula Cheng, Jenni Saarenkyla, Libby Walker and last but not least Genevieve Ryan herself.

Strawberry Fields is a collaborative project to showcase work by emerging and established artists, based on the song Strawberry Fields Forever by The Beatles.

The aim of this project is to produce a publication, which captures the creative magic of more than 25 artists from a range of disciplines. Each of the illustrators, graphic designers and photographers has created a very individual response to the groundbreaking record.

The project is also running as part of collaboration month on Central Station, an online network for artists and designers. Central Station provided funding towards this project and was the platform upon which many of the people involved in Strawberry Fields came together. Strawberry Fields will showcase many fresh, new talents alongside more established artists and provide them with the kind of unique promotional opportunity that can be difficult for emerging artists to create alone. The collected work will be published and sold across the UK in galleries, online and in specialist bookshops. The exhibition opens at Welcome Home on Friday 5th February 6.30-9pm and is open to the public from 6th to 21st February, see you there...