Wednesday, 20 October 2010



Have you always wondered how to use that dusty sewing machine standing on your desk? Would you like to feel free to create, losing the fear of making mistakes? Do you love fashion and the magic of creating something in your own taste? If the answers are all YES then come join us at STITCH IT!!! Join us for a 3 week course of creative sewing classes with fashion business owners Jennie Lööf and Silvia Pellegrino.

1st lesson - Saturday 30th October 2-5pm:

We will start at the beginning and show you how to thread the machine, how to do a straight, curved and corner stitch and how to cut fabric according to pattern. You will also create and take home with you your own hand made tote-bag.

2nd lesson - Saturday 6th November 2-5pm:

We will now go in to the world of clothing and show you how to do basic alterations. Such as how to take up and bring down hems, alter sizes, fix a hole or rip, etc. So we encourage you to bring in some of those items you have in your wardrobe but never wear because of those centimeters that just don’t agree with your taste.

3rd lesson - Saturday 13th November 2-5pm:

Now when the knowledge is there we will start exploring your creative mind, with creative alteration/restyling of clothes. In this lesson we will show you how to transform that dated dress/skirt/shirt/trousers into a catwalk ready piece. You will learn how to add on or take away design elements to your item in an easy, quick but long lasting way. The second hand shops will be your new high street after this one!

The course costs just £25 per 3 hour session. Email or call 0141 334 9598 to book your place.

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