Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Wilder Shores of Love

Welcome Home presents…

Wilder Shores of Love

An exhibition of album artwork and unique edition of LPs by Hanna Tuulikki, to launch the forthcoming album and UK tour by Nalle.

11th - 31st July 2010

Saturday 10th July 3-7pm Preview with live music

Thursday 22nd July 8pm Nalle play a full concert at the CCA, Glasgow

For other UK tour dates in July see

Hanna Tuulikki is a vocalist, songwriter and multi instrumentalist with the band Nalle, a trio with Aby Vulliamy and Chris Hladowski. She is also a visual artist, whose intricate illustrations adorn the covers of their albums. To celebrate the release of Wilder Shores of Love, their third studio album, Welcome Home will exhibit the original drawings that make up the album artwork. A small edition of deluxe 180g LPs with hand drawn and screen-printed covers will also be on display alongside the CD and LP releases.

Nalle have been performing together since 2004, drawing audiences into their unique and intimate sound world. Spearheaded by Tuulikki’s expressive vocals, the music is underpinned by intuitive group interplay on an array of instruments from the four corners of the globe, variously described as avant folk, psychedelic and free folk. Members of the group also play with Two Wings, The One Ensemble, A Hawk And A Hacksaw, The Family Elan, and The National Jazz Trio of Scotland.

Their new album Wilder Shores Of Love produced with John Cavanagh and released with Alt.Vinyl, is named after the painting by Cy Twombly and inspired by the Greek myth of Hero and Leander. The songs make use of recurring motifs and metaphors, weaving strong narrative tapestries about love lost and found, inner mindscapes and outer landscapes, getting lost on the journey, and finding understanding.

The cover art plays an important role in the overall experience of the album, connecting and bringing to life the imagery and symbolism in the lyrics. Each song fits together with a drawing, building a portrait of personal experiences.

Vinyl and now even CDs are in decline with the increasing popularity of downloading music from the web. This exhibition highlights the beauty of vinyl as an art object in its own right and an opportunity to see the original artwork before it has been scaled down to fit on the cover of a CD and LP. All artwork, LPs and CDs will be available to buy from Welcome Home.