Saturday, 20 March 2010


An exhibition of contemporary textile works designed and hand made by Lynn Cockburn. Lynn’s work explores and practises a type of work where useful and decorative items are made by hand using only simple tools. The use of hands and lack of machines impart individuality to each item, which is lacking in manufactured goods.

For the week 21st – 26th March 2010 Lynn will be a resident at Welcome Home in Glasgow. Here she plans to explore the possibilities of re-applying these traditional craft techniques and hippie handicraft to items that may be functional, interactive or strictly decorative.

She will experiment with macramé, knotting and exaggerated proportion through the development of a large scale hanging and interactive artwork. Along with trying to combine the disciplines of art, craft, design and fashion by incorporating different materials and articles into the work.

She wants to explore a strong visual interplay with textures and materials so plans to use a colour palette of mainly whites: inspired from ageing spines of books on her bookshelves, including the putty shade of cotton twine, the bright nautical white of cotton rope to the warm natural shade of roving.

She will look to her professional training, interests in practising established techniques and her upbringing in Scotland, with its rich textile heritage, for inspiration.

Join us for the private view on Friday 26th March from 6.30-9pm. The exhibition runs from 27th March - 11th April.