Wednesday, 25 November 2009

prints charming

Welcome Home is after your prints for next month's show - Prints Charming will be on for just over 2 weeks, 10th-24th December with a private view on the 9th. The prints can be any kind and size although no bigger than A2, they just need to sell for £20 or under, you can put in up to 10 pieces. The idea is that people can buy affordable art work as a Christmas gift. Some prints will be on the walls and some will be on sideboards and shelves so please send any work in protective clear plastic sleeves preferably with a piece of card behind. I will send any unsold pieces back to you at the beginning of January with payment for any sold work (60% of the retail price). If you would like to submit any work to this exhibition please email Mhari with images, details and your info by Tuesday 1st December -


urbanimal said...

Hi there,

Will there be future events like this one, or similar but for original work?

I'm totally snowed under with commissions to participate this time around.

Emma x

Welcome Home said...

There will be yes, lots going on here next year, just keep an eye on the blog or website. Good luck with the commissions!